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Moway Robot Software (Windows)

Download MowayWorld software (Windows version), based on flowcharts. Now it is also possible to program Moway with Scratch 1.4 and 2.0 offline.

Download Moway Software 5.0

Moway Robot Software (Linux)

The Linux version is now ready. It´s compatible with Ubuntu 10/11/12/13 and with distributions based on Ubuntu like Guadalinex. This version includes Moway World and Moway Scratch 1.4.

Installation instructions:

1. Download the archive.

2. Open a terminal in the folder when we downloaded the file and type: $ tar -zxvf mowaypack.3.1.4.tar.gz

$ cd mowaypack

$ ./mowayinstaller

Download Moway Software (Linux)

Scratch Software

If you want to program your Moway with Scratch, download it from the following link.

Download Scratch Software

Mowayduino Software

Download the Mowayduino Software (Guide includes)

Software Mowayduino

SmartCity Software

Download Moway Smart City Software from this link:

Download Smart City Software


Moway Scratch

Download the Moway Scratch Teacher´s guide from the following link:

Download Moway Scratch Teacher´s Guide

Smart City

Download the Smart City Teachers Guide from the following link:

Download Smart City Teacher´s Guide

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