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What is Moway?

mOway is an educational tool, a complete learning solution that brings technology close to educational centres. On top of that, mOway allows students to discover what Programming is with user-friendly and intuitive software that enables them to control the robot and its input and output devices, developing their own programs from the very beginning.

Its goal is to be a practical tool inside the world of education.

The major advantage is its fast learning curve. Students obtain results from the first lesson, generating a high level of motivation among them.

This robot helps to develop personal abilities as diverse as creativity, interest in further learning and teamwork.

How do I program my Moway?

1. Software MowayWorld.

This much intuitive software is based on flowcharts.

2. C programming.

It allows a greater control over the robot to users with previous knowledge of the C language.

You can find the necessary bookshops in the installation package in order to fully control the robot. Also, sample programs have been provided to simplify your work.

3. Assembler.

For users who prefer it, the assembly language allows a greater level of control over the robot.

You will find the necessary bookshops in the installation package, as well as sample programs to control effectively the robot and make your work much easier.

4. Scratch.

Ideal for those who want to learn quicky to program because, thanks yo Scratch and its block diagrams, we can program the robot Moway from minute 0.

  • PIC18F86J50 as main controller.
  • Motor station with path control commanded by I2C.
  • Anti-collision infrared sensors.
  • Directional light intensity sensor.
  • Opto-reflective infra-red sensors for the floor.
  • Bicoloured luminous indicator on top.
  • Frontal led.
  • Red rear leds.
  • Temperature sensor.
  • 3-shaft accelerometer.
  • Microphone.
  • Speaker.
  • SPI/I2C expansion bus for electronic cards.
  • Radio Frequency module for wireless communication.
  • LiPo battery rechargeable via USB.
  • 2 hours without external power supply.
  • Prepared for collaborative robotics.


Take the first steps in robotics and programming. Students learn to program successfully, controlling the various sensors of a robot.


  • 1 Moway robot.
  • 1 USB Cable.

Price: 149€ + VAT.


Moway Scratch Kit is the new kit of Moway education. This Kit includes everything you need to control the Moway robot with Scratch programming enviroment.


  • 1 Moway robot.
  • 1 RF-USB.
  • 1 RF Module.
  • 1 USB Cable.

Price: 179€ + VAT.


Take a further step in robotics and programming. Students learn to program and to do exercises in collaborative robotics between two or more Moways.


  • 2 Moway Robot.
  • 1 RF-USB.
  • 2 Módulo RF.
  • 1 Mini-USB Cable.
  • 1 Moway plastic case.

Price: 299€ + VAT.


It is also available the Deluxe Scratch Kit.


  • 2 Moway robots.
  • 2 RF-USB.
  • 2 RF Modules.
  • 1 USB Cable.
  • 1 Moway plastic case.

Price: 310€ + VAT.


The perfect working tool for teachers. You can download, manual adjusted to the school subject of Design and Technology, thus providing the teacher with a lesson plan. It consists of both theoretical and practical components: an introduction to robotics and electronics; and a series of exercises.


  • 1 Moway Deluxe Kit.
  • Moway track for the exercises.
  • Obstacles to perform the exercises.

Price: 310€ + VAT.


With this kit you will can program the Moway robot with Scratch through the Raspberry Pi.


  • 1 Moway robot.
  • 1 RF-USB.
  • 1 RF Module.
  • 1 Raspberry Pi (83RASPBERRYPIB).

Precio: 217€ + VAT.

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