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What is it and what is it for?

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an automated system for sending news from a website that will allow you to be up to date immediately with everything published in Moway. The necessary technology simply consists of a reader program or RSS adder.

What does Moway offer you?

Thanks to the RSS channels of Moway receiving your updates in real time (as soon as they are published) or even use them to update your personal website:

The reader program will connect automatically to Moway, without the need to open a navigator, will locate the latest news and will show you a list of links with their titles.

You can click on the titles that interest you and access Moway this way conventionally (through the navigator) to see the expanded information.

How do I sign on?

The first step is to choose a RSS reader that adapts to your needs. There are many available in the market, mostly free and with easy installation. Here you have some of them:

Microsoft Windows

Mac Os



It has more readers in Google.

Some navigators such as Firefox and Opera also receive RSS (Firefox calls it Live Bookmarks, and Opera: Feeds / On-line readers).

There are also other options such as the on-line services of Bloglines, MyFeedster, MyYahoo , in which to receive the titles you must, instead of downloading a program to your computer, create a free account on one of the webs that offer this service.   

RSS in your personal website:

If you want to update your personal website with the titles of Moway you can also do so, as long as you adapt to the requirements of our legal notice and you limit yourself to the format that we offer.

Furthermore, this use must always be clearly credited as information of "Moway" and cannot include the official logo of Bizintek Innova.

Bizintek Innova reserves the right to prevent the distribution of its informative content in the legal notice and will not accept any legal responsibility for improper use of its RSS channels.Please consult our legal notice if you need more details on this matter.


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