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In this section you will be able to download the programs for your Moway with an explanation on how their function. You will find each practice written in assembly, C and graphic compiler.

The level of difficulty of the practices increases gradually to ease the learning process.

You can download each practical exercise complete with solution in pdf.

Practice 4, "Defender"

This practice has a level of difficulty somewhat above the previous ones and allows us to test the impact sensors functioning similarly as well as functions of movement and line sensors.

Practice 3, "The Lighthouse"

This practice allows us to learn the use of the ambient light sensor incorporated in the Moway

Practice2, “Tracker”

Continuing with the two commands of the previous practice, we will go a little more in depth into the reading of the sensors …

Practice 1, “The Confined area”

In this practice, we will learn to manage two very simple commands to control the robot. The first serves for reading the line sensors and the second to give movement commands to the motor group.
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