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Moway Software Pack v1.3.0

This package includes various programs and applications to work with the Moway robot:

  • Moway Center: This file contains the Moway Center application with which you can register the Moway robot. It also includes the latest Firmware of the Moway base and the driver.

  • Moway RC: This file contains the application Host and the client program to control the Moway robot by Radio frequency using the optional modules.

  • MowayGUI: Allows you to program Moway visually by means of flow diagrams.

Moway Software Pack



Moway User Manual

The Moway User Manual was created for the purpose of making it easy to learn how to handle Moway. The intention is to give basic notions in a quick and clear manner of the functioning and use of Moway.

The manual is divided in two parts. Throughout the first a description will be given of the elements that compose the robot and of its functioning. The second part of the manual contains a series of practices that you can perform with Moway.

 User manual moway 1.67 Mb

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