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new mowayworld software

Mowayworld, the new moway software.

It based on the original software mowayGUI but with new advantages which make that programming with the robot being more intuitive.

Minirobots team has developed a new software tool based on flow charts, according to the needs and requests from the users and according to the new market requirements.

The main advantages of mowayworld:

  • More intuitive: the blocks are organized into menus depending on the function they perform.
  • The functions of the blocks are differentiated by color, making it easier to identify and to find them.
  • More comfortable: the blocks are inserted directly by dragging from the menus.
  • More graphical and attractive: in order to facilitate the integration of newcomers to the world of programming.
  • More flexible: the new program allows the drag and drop finction to move the blocks.
  • New feature: toggle of expansion connector ports.
  • In following versions we will integrate an environment for programming language C and Assembler, in addition to the flowcharts.
  • The way to program Moway with mowayworld is very similar to mowayGUI, so the step to the new software mowayworld is almost inmediately.

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