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moway. robot autónomo programable

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Moway Software Pack v2.1.2 (V2 Only)

This package includes programs and applications to work with the Moway robot v2:

  • MowayGUI: Allows you to program Moway visually by means of flow diagrams.
  • Moway RC: Allows you to Radio Control the robot.   
  • User manual for the first steps in robotics.
  • Example programs.

mOway Software Pack v2.1.2 (English)

mOway Software Pack v2.1.2 (French)

The software Moway Package is compatible with Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7 (32-64Bits) and requires the framework .NET 3.0. For installation you must have an internet connection (if you have not installed the framework .NET). 



If the computer on which you are going to install Moway Software Pack has no internet connection, download the software from

mOway Software with framework v2.1.2 (English)

mOway Software with framework v2.1.2 (French)

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