• 6 different ways to follow the route
  • Allows to exercise with the line sensors of mOway


  • 7 light levels
  • 3 activation modes:• Detection of the presence of mOway• Detection of darkness• Other activation modes set by the user
  • Allows to practise with the light sensor of mOway


  • Operated by a servomotor
  • Offers the possibility to be positioned in the direction the mOways are to move forward
  • 2 options:• Opening: allows the robot to gain access• Closing: prevents the mOways from colliding at the junction
  • Allows to practise with the front obstacle sensors of mOway


  • Allows to practise with the light sensor of mOway

Road Narrowing

  • Its location on the track can be selected
  • Allows to practise with the side obstacle sensors of mOway

Traffic signs

  • Provide a city atmosphere and sets road safety education in context

Controller Board

  • Allows to keep full control over the Smart City
  • Based on Arduino architecture
  • Programmable with the Arduino environment
  • Libraries to control the elements of the city