What are the differences between mOway V1 and mOway V2?

The main difference between mOway V1 and mOway V2 is that the new version (V2) provides a direct connection via USB from the PC to mOway.
Also, the new mOway includes a large number of sensors:
• 1 light sensor
• 1 temperature sensor
• 4 infrared anti-collision sensors
• 2 infrared line sensors
• 4 LEDS: 2 upper LEDs, 1 rear brake LED, 1 front white LED
• 3-axis accelerometer
• Speaker
• Microphone

Another difference is the metallic blue colour of the new mOway, which gives the robot a more innovative appearance.

What is the approximate distance at which the sensors begin to detect obstacles? And the maximum and minimum speeds?

Distance of obstacle sensors: 7-10 cm
Maximum speed: 17.5 cm/sec
Minimum speed (with MowayGUI): approx 11.25 cm/sec
By programming with C or ASM, you can reduce the minimum value of the speed to approximately 10 cm/sec

Is it possible to connect the new accessories - Moway Camera Board and Moway Wifi Board - at the same time?

Both accessories can be connected at the same time but there is no application yet to make them interact with each other. It is an interesting proposal that we will keep in mind for future implementations. You will be informed of any updates.

I’d like to program mOway using C. What kind of software do I need?

You will find libraries for operating the sensors, motors and RF module written in C language, together with sample projects on the mOway Website, as well as mOway Pack V2 (click here to download). These projects have been created on the MPLAB environment, which you can download from the Microchip official site.
On the other hand, the installation package includes the User Manual, where you will find all aspects regarding the C programming of mOway.

Is the mOway software compatible with Windows 7?

Yes, it is compatible. However, if any error occurs, send us an e-mail to [email protected] and we will help you.

Is mOway compatible with Linux?

Currently, we are developing a new version compatible with Linux, which we hope will be ready soon.

What countries do you export to?

We export mOway worldwide and we also serve customers directly, wherever they are. For further information, click here.