299 €

Moway Smart City is a new accessory for mOway that simulates the city of the future and how we will interact with urban infrastructures and other systems and structures that we may find in them.

Control of Moway Smart City is provided by an Arduino controller board.

Moway Smart City Applications


  • 6 different ways to follow the route
  • Allows to exercise with the line sensors of mOway


  • 7 light levels
  • 3 activation modes:• Detection of the presence of mOway• Detection of darkness• Other activation modes set by the user
  • Allows to practise with the light sensor of mOway


  • Operated by a servomotor
  • Offers the possibility to be positioned in the direction the mOways are to move forward
  • 2 options:• Opening: allows the robot to gain access• Closing: prevents the mOways from colliding at the junction
  • Allows to practise with the front obstacle sensors of mOway


  • Allows to practise with the light sensor of mOway

Road Narrowing

  • Its location on the track can be selected
  • Allows to practise with the side obstacle sensors of mOway

Traffic signs

  • Provide a city atmosphere and sets road safety education in context

Controller Board

  • Allows to keep full control over the Smart City
  • Based on Arduino architecture
  • Programmable with the Arduino environment
  • Libraries to control the elements of the city