Scratch Accessories

30 €

And if you have a Basic Kit and you want it to become a mOway Scratch Kit you also have the opportunity with the Scratch Accessories.


  • 1 RF-USB
  • 1 RF Module

Rf – Usb

24.99 €

A plug-and-play device that allows you to communicate with the mOways via your computer by simply connecting it to a USB port.


  • 1 RF-USB

Rf Module

19.99 €

You can connect the mOway to the PC or communicate a number of mOways with each other.


  • 1 Rf Module

Expansion Kit

10 €

Build your own electronics.(Electronics components not included)

Moway Wifi Board

59 €

A Wi-Fi Communication System. It is connected to the expansion slot and enables you to both control the robot and monitor its sensors through the new web interface created.


  • 1 Wifi Module

Moway Camera Board

120 €

A vision system that connects to the mOway expansion slot. Provides viewing on a real-time basis and captures pictures that will be shown in the new graphical user interface of the MowayWorld.


  • 1 Camera Module
  • 1 Camera Receiver
  • 1 Cable Usb

Exercises Book

25 €

Step-by-step solved exercises.


  • 1 Exercises Book

Moway Bag

40 €

Carry your mOways safely and with style.


  • 1 Moway Bag